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  • Strength #9 - Total Body

    Floyd knows the importance of building strength to keep him delivering powerful punches and staying elusive in the ring against his opponents. These classes are designed for all levels – whether you’re looking to get stronger, sculpt your body or burn calories. Curated by Floyd to get you to push...

  • Champion HIIT #5 - 60/45/30

    Floyd’s high level of performance comes from his proven combination of explosive movements and cardio conditioning. Drive your heart rate up for short, intense bursts of time to make you an overall more efficient athlete. Champion HIIT is designed for all fitness levels. You’ll level up your fitn...

  • Runner's Yoga Stretch #1

    Train like the Champ – and recover like one! Floyd stayed at the top of his fitness game for over 40 years by taking his mobility and recovery routines just as seriously as his high intensity training. This category compliments every training program, as it allows for improved recovery time and d...

  • Boxing HIIT #6

    By combining Floyd’s basic boxing punch combinations with his favorite HIIT training techniques, these workouts integrate two powerful styles of fitness to challenge and ignite your workout.

    - Equipment: Jump rope (optional)
    - Towel and water suggested

  • Boxing Fitness #8

    You don’t need to be undefeated to knock out this workout. Combining Floyd’s basic boxing punches and functional fitness exercises, these workouts elevate your total body conditioning, getting you ready for whatever crosses your path. With little to no equipment, Floyd created these hybrid workou...