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You don't have to be the Undefeated Champ to train like him.

For over a decade, Floyd has perfected his training routines and regimen to remain the Undefeated Champ. He's now delivering his favorite training methods, directly to your home.


Floyd's upbringing wasn't a glamorous one - through nothing but Hard Work, Dedication and support from his family, he rose to be the most dominant boxer in the history of the sport. As an ambitious, young athlete, Floyd understood the value of fitness and a balanced mindset. This fueled his passion to bring fitness to everybody, no matter their circumstances. Mayweather Home Fitness is the next chapter of his legacy - and he wants you to be a part of it.


Pick and choose from Floyd's library: there's something here for everyone. Learn Floyd's actual fight winning combinations, blast calories with Boxing Fitness or HIIIT training, get stronger with strength and core training or treat your body with mobility and recovery techniques. Plus, learn the tricks to having the mindset of a Champion - from the Champ himself.


Now you get to have the Champ in your corner. Subscribe today to start watching exclusive content created by Floyd, delivered by industry-leading Instructors and designed just for you.

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